Here is what I am doing at 7:45am

1Putting time stamps on fucking everything I’m writing this morning

2Thinking of all the ideas I’ve had for blog posts

3Looking around my room for motivation (where is it?!)

4Listening to Bon Iver, and hating it. Not in the mooooood.

5But not changing it, because I respect that I like these songs on occasion.

Is that what is wrong with this generation. Of course,

I mean the time stamps. and what is it with postal stamps?

Whose idea was it to tax conversation?  If I were you I would

get it all back, sell it. Because I can’t even pay rent. Because I’m lazy?

Can you read this blog post from a source that you haven’t somehow paid for?

Is this redundant? because we can stop reading.  Of course,

the mood may strike you dull and mugged like the past 20-something hours

but if there’s one thing we can all agree on

its that 1. I am no good at math and 2.

I know good music when I’ve listened to it.

666 Saturday May 14, 2011 7:59:301234567891000000000000000000(so on and onward)


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